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Author Topic: Bed & Breakfast
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R-1, R-2, or R-3? and why?

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IBC 2006 definition "Congregate Living Facilties".

I would call it R-3 congregate living facility as long as the OL is 16 people or less and they are sharing bathroom and kitchen facilities.
Any more than that and it starts looking like R-1 transient boarding house.

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Builder bob
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Not enough info - Typically R-1
R-1 Residential occupancies containing sleeping units where the occupants are primarily transient in nature, including:
Boarding houses (transient)
Hotels (transient)
Motels (transient)

TRANSIENT. Occupancy of a dwelling unit or sleeping unit for not more than 30 days. sleeping unit (a.k.a bed room)

thereof that contains sleeping units where residents share bathroom and/or kitchen facilities.

BOARDING HOUSE. A building arranged or used for lodging for compensation, with or without meals, and not occupied as a single-family unit.

IF not define as a congregate living facilities it is a boarding house by building code definitions.

Since A B&B is not defined by the buidling codes, you have to place it into the occupancy it most closely relates to. A B&B is not typically occupied as a single family unit......people outside the family pay to stay there. (usually a bedroom).

FWIW, Be sure to check state laws as they pertwin to B&B facilities.

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There is only 1 section of the codes that deals with B&B's.

Section 1103.2.11 residential group R-1. says more than 5 sleep units for rent in an owner-occupied must be accessible.

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Now, Since the code DOES define it as a R-1, that's what I use. This is the one and only place they are called out. It's enough for me.

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John Drobysh
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Vmac - Glad to be a NYer for this one... we define them and provide requirements for them in the Existing Buildings Appendix (J) of the NYSRC.

" BED AND BREAKFAST DWELLING. Owner-occupied residence, resulting from the conversion of a one-family dwelling, used for providing overnight accommodations and a morning meal to not more than 10 transient lodgers, and containing not more than five bedrooms for such lodgers."


AJ704.1 Scope. Owner-occupied one-family dwellings converted for use as bed and breakfast dwellings as defined in Section AJ202 shall comply with this section.

AJ704.2 Occupancy. A residence converted to a bed and breakfast dwelling shall have no more than five sleeping rooms for accommodating up to 10 transient lodgers.

AJ704.3 Special conditions. A one-family dwelling is permitted to be converted for use as a bed and breakfast dwelling under the following conditions:

1. No sleeping rooms for transient use shall be located above the second story.
2. A fire-safety notice shall be affixed to the occupied side of the entrance door of each bedroom for transient use indicating:
1. Means of egress;
2. Location of means for transmitting fire alarms, if any; and
3. Evacuation procedures to be followed in the event of a fire or smoke condition or upon activation of a fire or smoke-detecting or other alarm device.

AJ704.4 Means of egress. Means of egress shall include at least one of the following alternatives:

1. A limited area sprinkler system installed in conformance with NFPA 13D protecting all interior stairs serving as a means of egress;
2. An exterior stair conforming to the requirements of Sections R314.1 and Section R314.2 of this code, providing a second means of egress from all above grade stories or levels; or
3. An opening for emergency use conforming to the requirements of Section R310 of this code within each bedroom for transient use, such opening to have a sill not more than 14 feet above level grade directly below and, as permanent equipment, a portable escape ladder that attaches securely to such sill. Such ladder shall be constructed with rigid rungs designed to stand off from the building wall, shall be capable of sustaining a minimum load of 1,000 pounds, and shall extend to and provide unobstructed egress to open space at grade."

I know you can't use them, but maybe they'll help...

Can I interest anyone in a code change proposal??

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since most of them have some sort of historical significance.. none of them will EVER comply with an IBC requirements.. usually an IRC structure allowed under local zoning..

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What Builder Bob said. All of the jurisdictions in this area classify them as R-1.
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D a v e
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I agree as outline as well. [Razz]

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